Taking Care of Danielle’s Family

When Danielle unexpectedly passed away from complications relating to a brain tumor, she left behind her parents, siblings, and a young son. The Kinzler Foundation was able to provide practical support to help them move forward.

“You Have to Keep Going”: Alaina’s Story

“Life is just different,” says Alaina. “You don’t have a choice, you just have to keep going.” When her husband passed away suddenly, Alaina wondered how she would care for their three kids. The Kinzler Foundation provided support at a critical time.

“We Were Able to Continue On Without Drowning”: Veronica’s Story

Veronica and Patrick met as teenagers. They were married when they were eighteen years old and had three beautiful children together – two boys with a girl in the middle. They bought a house in Cedar Springs. Patrick worked as a plumber and Veronica as an administrative assistant. Life was good. Until Patrick’s death by suicide.

“What Am I Supposed to Do Now?”: Megan’s Story

When her husband passed away suddenly, Megan and her three young children needed help. With the Kinzler Foundation to assist, Megan was able to focus on her kids, not financial stress, during their time of grief.

Grief During the Holidays

Our friends at Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids have put together three helpful resources to help people navigate grief during the holiday season.